Distress and Warning Alert System.

About Us

Flag alarm is a distress and warning alert system for tracking cars, pets, shipment, lost or stolen phones, business or dating abduction, personal and home security. It helps in personal security by sending distress and warning alert to a friend, family member or police as actively preset by user.

All activities between user and flag alarm are discreet. Flag alarm can be used for traveling, business trips, business dealings, meetings, dealings, dating etc. it is extremely useful in countries where there are security challenges.


  1. User download flagalarm system.

  2. User is connected to flag alarm application.User preset time for flag alarm to ping user in hours or minutes.

  3. User preset person or persons (e.g family, friends, police) to send distress alert if user fail to respond to ping.

  4. If user fail to respond to flag alarm ping, user's gps location is pin and sent to user preset distress alert receiver.

  5. All interactions within user and flag alarm are discreet and treated with extreme secrecy.

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